Helen Hoffelt

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Water Memory
Land Memory
Sky Memory
Frozen Time

In 2009, I traveled throughout Italy. I was fascinated by the history found in layers of civilizations that have been built on top of each other for centuries. Each society was transfigured as time reshaped the environment in cycles of dormancy and regeneration.

Inspired by the re-creation process, I began this series of artwork by photographing eyes of statues. The artists who created these statues contributed their own visions to my work. The statues were weathered by years of wind and rain which brought historical perspective that can only be provided by centuries of erosion and nature’s new growth.

The images are meant to be interactive with the past and also with the future as they are viewed.

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Untitled 1 Regeneration Series 17" x 24" Digital Print, Encaustic and Mixed-Media 2010